Unleashing Success: Empowering Historically Black Colleges in Texas

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Welcome to the Texas Association of Developing Colleges (TADC)

A consortium dedicated to fostering growth, collaboration, and innovation among historically black colleges in Texas. Since our establishment in 1967, TADC has been at the forefront of educational advancement, helping its member colleges thrive and succeed.

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Our Impact

The impact we have made in our community

At TADC, we believe in the collective power of collaboration. By bringing together five private historically black colleges, we have created a dynamic network that leverages resources, expertise, and opportunities for the benefit of all. Through joint programs, partnerships, and shared initiatives, we empower our member colleges to reach new heights of excellence.

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We can create a better tomorrow

Every dollar counts and helps us bring hope and essential resources to those in need.

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Empowering Equity and Excellence: TADC’s Transformative Mission

Our mission is to promote educational equity and access, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to excel academically and professionally. Through cooperative planning and innovative programs, we strive to create an inclusive environment that nurtures talent, fosters growth and prepares students for success in an ever-changing world.

Become part of a transformative movement by supporting our non-profit organization. Together we can make lasting change.

Shaping the Future: TADC’s Vision for Excellence and Innovation

Building on our rich history, TADC is committed to continuously evolving and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our members. We envision a future where historically black colleges in Texas are recognized as centers of innovation, academic excellence, and social impact.

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Networking Opportunities

TADC provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development, fostering a community of educators dedicated to transformative change.

Access to Funding

By collectively seeking gifts and grants, TADC supports member colleges in securing resources to enhance educational experiences and expand opportunities.

Help us reach our goals.

Explore our website to learn more about TADC, our member colleges, and the transformative work we do. Join us on this journey of empowering excellence and shaping the future of higher education in Texas.

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