Meet Tyra Williams, Ph.D

Executive Director


One of the first things I asked the Texas Association of Developing Colleges (TADC) office staff to do was to change the way they answered the phone. Students, the community, and other stakeholders now hear, “It’s a GREAT day at TADC…” the moment the phone is answered. Why? To concrete the fact that it is indeed a GREAT day at TADC and we are dedicated to supporting and being of service to students.

Being in a pivotal leadership position while dealing with a global Pandemic can be challenging. However, I am clear that the work TADC does must continue with two things in mind: excellence and innovation.

About Me

I am a seasoned and award-winning leader and speaker who has graced stages all over the nation to present on many topics, including my area of expertise: Authentic Leadership. An ardent civil rights activist, I am also a veteran “turnaround” specialist with a background in student advocacy. It is always my aim to advocate, inform, encourage, and empower.

After high school, I attended Tougaloo College. I later earned my Bachelor of Arts in English degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, my first Master’s degree from The Prairie View A&M University (Counseling), my second Masters from The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign in Leadership, Policy, and Organizational Change, my Superintendency from Texas A&M University, and my Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Leadership Studies and Organizational Change from Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio). I have written numerous publications on the subject of leadership and authored “ A Study of the Relationship Between the Leader’s Authentic Leadership Style and Follower Job Satisfaction During a Global Pandemic.”

When I am not engaged in high-level research, working, or doing other activities to empower others, I enjoy spending time with my family ( including my dogs Cocoa and Onyx), attending sorority events, reading, cooking from scratch, and watching the History Channel. Above all, I genuinely care about the success of students.

The future of TADC in three words: Create, Activate, Navigate (C.A.N.)


Since 1967, TADC has done an excellent job of helping students. That legacy of service to students must continue, however it is time to take TADC to the next level. From revisiting the mission and vision, to raising the digital fingerprint of TADC for the betterment of students, there is a lot of work to do. Plans have been created based on collaborative input from stakeholders and research. Collaboration with the TADC Board, State Representative Yvonne Davis, and other stakeholders is vital to taking TADC to the next level


I am more than optimistic about the future of TADC and the great work the organization will continue to do on behalf of students. TADC has done great work for many years. Time, and a major shift in society, dictate that change is necessary in order for TADC to continue doing great work and supporting students. TADC will continue to do great work for many more years to come.


Knowledge is power and knowledge empowers. Another emphasized foci is to make sure students are aware of what TADC is and what TADC does. Students will be able to access information about Consortium Schools and the Urban Scholarship via a QR code.

Meet The Executive Assistant

Janice Jackson

TADC: Continuing and Enhancing Our Great Work!

On behalf of the entirety of the TADC staff and myself, we are here to ensure that the great work TADC started in 1967 not only continues but becomes even more profound. It is a new day at TADC and it is a great day at TADC!

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